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Want to save time and avoid the hassle involved with inspecting your rental properties? Do you have awkward or difficult tenants that you’d prefer not to deal with? Are you a little confused about your rights and obligations as a Landlord when it comes to inspections? Looking for a professional rental property inspection agency with affordable rates? Then please read on to find the answers you’re looking for…
Rental Property Inspections Australia (RPIA) can help you. You’ll receive an independent, confidential, reliable and thorough inspection. RPIA specialises in Entry / Exit and Periodical Inspections of rental properties on behalf of Landlords and Property Managers Australia-wide. So if your investment properties are out of town or interstate they can still be taken care of.
All RPIA Staff are trained to conduct professional inspections, are equipped with an eye for detail and know exactly where to look. You will receive an extensive and honest report within 48 hours of the inspection, and RPIA can even organise the inspection directly with your tenant! This will not only save you time and the hassle of dealing with tenants, it will also ensure a suitable time-frame is organised – keeping in line with rental legislation.

For Rental Property Inspections phone 0415 249 131

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